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New Member With A Question

I see that I'm the first post here in quite a while & I'm just curious as to whether any of you were interested in starting the discussion again.  I'm a female who loves to be spanked and has practically since birth, lol.  I'm going to stop there because I don't want to go into a long post if all I'm doing is talking to myself, but I figured, why not?
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For heavens sake a good conversation would be WELCOME!


Cool - let's get one started!
thanks for posting... hope we can become friends

While I'm not looking for anyone to spank me (I have a husband for that), I have no problem making new friends, :).
So, practically liked being spanked since birth... Go on. When did you realize that it was a good thing and not a bad? Can you go back now and see behaviors that were actually previews of the future?
According to my mother, when I was two she threatened to spank me and I pulled down my pants and invited her to do so, *sheepish smile*.

I was never spanked as a child for punishment, but I always found the idea of it arousing. Specifically, I found being spanked *for punishment* arousing. I enjoy other spankings, but when we role play that I've been 'bad', I get far more aroused than when it's just a spanking for fun.

When I was young, I used to pretend I was being spanked for punishment by imaginary punishers and would spank myself in these scenarios. I had a small paddle that I would use to do it, :).

I once had an ex-boyfriend spank me (in retrospect, it was borderline abusive), but I was fairly messed up at the time and I found it arousing and we had sex immediately afterwords. It only happened once (I was lucky - if he'd been a more abusive guy, he really could have hurt me).

When my husband and I got together, it took a lot for me to ask him to do it (I thought that I was both weird and that there was something wrong with me for liking it), but he's a good man and wants to make me happy, so we worked it out and did it safely, :).

I got regular spankings for a few years, then we got out of doing it for a while, but in the last few months I've gotten back into liking it and now we're really doing it to my kink.

I'm a lot less shy than I was and I'm able to ask for more 'punishment' play and harder play. I really like being spanked with a hairbrush and love getting a little bruised so that I can feel it for a few days, :).

I'm kind of sleepy while I'm writing this, so I apologize if it's kind of glossing over the important bits, :). I'll elaborate more later if you have any questions.

What about you? Where did your love of spanking come from?
I actually wrote a post about this in my journal back on Feb 6, 2010. Please take a look at it for more detail if you like. BEWARE there are NOT WORK FRIENDLY picks on journal.

The short answer is that I don't know where it came from but I can pick out LOTS kink like behavior in my play dating back to prepubescence that included tying, spanking and even urination play.
Interesting, :). I perused your journal for a while - it sounds like you and your wife have a lovely relationship, :).

I've thought about doing the 24-7 thing, but I'd have to have a much different approach than you two have. Still, it's cool to read other perspectives, :).
I could talk for hours about my wife and my marriage and not come close to how I feel about it. It suffices to say that it is all the evisence I need to prove that there is a loving and benevolent God.

As to the 24/7... our family has suffered several rather tragic events over the past year so the D/s aspect of our relationship has more or less been abandoned at least for a while.
I'm sorry for your losses, :(. Hopefully, you'll be able to bring everything back eventually, :).
Hey Teleen,

I am curious if what type of impliment you enjoy having used on you and what age your interest developed. My interest and arousal in spanking developed when I was about thirteen and I was actually spanked as a child. Often replaying these spankings in my mind I would become immediately aroused and found myself masterbating to them constantly. This interest stemmed from my childhood and grew into an online search before spanking several women myself. Currently I seek to know if there are any like me who were actually disciplined with spanking and find it arousing.

Let me know and tell me more as I love conversing with kinks like yourself.

Laugh Long, Love Lfie,

Ryan Alexander Versaw
Just stopping by. Are you still enjoying getting spanked?