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Rock the vote and whip my ass!

I need to get whipped. And I can only do it myself. So to get some element of surprise and outside force of arbitrary sadism into the mix I'm having a vote for how many times I should hit myself. Basically I'm proposing to take as many hits with a cane as there'll be comments on this entry. Comments by female lj-user that is, since I don't want to be whipped my men, even if it's only on a virtual level.

There are two worst case scenarios:

1: Nobody cares about my bottom getting whipped and this entry will have zero comments. Major waste of time on my part.

2: People overdo the rallying and I'll get a 4 or more digit amount of hits which would just be unreasonable and tedious. So I'm capping at a 100 comments, each worth one hit. If we actually manage to go that far, that is.

So what do you need to do?

1. Comment.

2. State that you're female, that will make your vote count. I will take a look at your journal and if I get the impression that you aren't really female I might ignore your vote.

3. State that you want to add a hit to the final count.

Then optionally you can also:

a) State why you think I deserve to be whipped.

b) Demand photos as proof.

c) Demand video as proof.

d) Make whatever else demands you might come up with.

e) Offer to cane me yourself if you live close enough.

f) Make whatever comment you want to add.

Vote is open for a week, until 9th of December 2010. In case that we will reach the cap of 100 hit-worthy comments early I will close the vote and execute your order immediately. Photos should be up on the same day. If your other demands are creative and feasible I might consider those too.

You think 100 is too low and I deserve more? I'll raise the cap next time if this turns out to be successful.

And if you want to see the butt you're going to help turn all red and blue, I posted some pics here:


Edit: I forgot to mention it since it should be obvious but you can only vote once! Rallying is okay though.
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December 18 2010, 23:05:44 UTC 6 years ago

Only females can vote ):