Versaw biches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ryan Versaw here.

I would like to make a call to all of those who haev been attacked savagely by campus authorities for your enjoyment of spanking. Yes there is a slight exageration to this, as I have never actually been attacked but rather slung at with last minute contributions of the loose words of those unable to handle bluntness from another. In other words, some campus faculty an Colorado Mesa University find it is their duty to bring to the attention posts of a spanking or fetish nature. Such topics are of the access to everyone and belong only to me and I post them etch my words in the pages of life and even if I fail on paper in print I will always suceed at getting out the word. Viva la resistance! Now we can all go home and consume cheese and wine, live in estacy, and die in infamy. While we are at it,  we can all go eat worms so that way we can give them a head start before they bury us. What is even more astounding is that all of the previous is more relevant than any past attempt at questioning the legitemacy of spanking or interest in a fetish of any kind, including a mild survey interest in a fetish related topic. Tell your professors now so that when obnoxious young students such as Allyssa Chambers will be deprived of the chance to snitch on you.

Either that she will think I care and that this is my reason for writing this. The two are related. Think about it.

Good night, and God Bless America.

Laugh Long, Love Life,

Ryan Versaw
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Rock the vote and whip my ass!

I need to get whipped. And I can only do it myself. So to get some element of surprise and outside force of arbitrary sadism into the mix I'm having a vote for how many times I should hit myself. Basically I'm proposing to take as many hits with a cane as there'll be comments on this entry. Comments by female lj-user that is, since I don't want to be whipped my men, even if it's only on a virtual level.

There are two worst case scenarios:

1: Nobody cares about my bottom getting whipped and this entry will have zero comments. Major waste of time on my part.

2: People overdo the rallying and I'll get a 4 or more digit amount of hits which would just be unreasonable and tedious. So I'm capping at a 100 comments, each worth one hit. If we actually manage to go that far, that is.

So what do you need to do?

1. Comment.

2. State that you're female, that will make your vote count. I will take a look at your journal and if I get the impression that you aren't really female I might ignore your vote.

3. State that you want to add a hit to the final count.

Then optionally you can also:

a) State why you think I deserve to be whipped.

b) Demand photos as proof.

c) Demand video as proof.

d) Make whatever else demands you might come up with.

e) Offer to cane me yourself if you live close enough.

f) Make whatever comment you want to add.

Vote is open for a week, until 9th of December 2010. In case that we will reach the cap of 100 hit-worthy comments early I will close the vote and execute your order immediately. Photos should be up on the same day. If your other demands are creative and feasible I might consider those too.

You think 100 is too low and I deserve more? I'll raise the cap next time if this turns out to be successful.

And if you want to see the butt you're going to help turn all red and blue, I posted some pics here:

Edit: I forgot to mention it since it should be obvious but you can only vote once! Rallying is okay though.
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(no subject)

The Princess took another fairly intense spanking last night.  When we were finished her bottom was very, very red.  I will be surprised if there isn't some bruising this morning.  LONG after she was into tears she was asking for ten more, then ten more.  I enjoyed watching her work through the pain.  Finally, after what had to be nearly 100 to 150 good, hard strokes she got on her knees before me and between sobs told me that she just couldn't take any more.

I was so proud of her.

I was also quite turned on!  It would be the easiest thing in the world to end these sessions with a fuck or having her suck me off but it is important I demonstrate that as the Dominate I have the right and the ability to take my pleasure just from her suffering.  With each session I emphasize that I am not punishing her in any way or for anything, I am hurting her just because it gives me pleasure.  By doing this for several days in a row it further capitalizes my authority.

Obviously these scenes are not just for me, though they are quite painful for her she enjoys them.  In just a few minutes the worries and frustrations of the day are simply stripped away, her mind gets washed cleaned and refocuses off work and onto us.  She takes pride when she is able to push herself farther than she has in the past.  The takes pride in pleasing me.  She think that she would benefit from more and regular spankings.

I will spank her again tonight and again with no sexual release.  Tomorrow we have something going on in the morning but I have a rather elaborate and prolonged torture scene set up in the afternoon in which I will punish her for some things that happened while we had house guests.  There definitely will be some sexual release for me tomorrow, and possibly for her but in the way of force orgasms long after the point of being pleasurable.  The point of tomorrows session is punishment.

On Monday we will go back into session at which time she will be allowed to show me her appreciation for all of this.  Then I will take her to a nice dinner and we can go over our after action report of our four day Thanksgiving weekend BDSM experience.

(no subject)

I think I am going to give the Princess a good, hard, spanking today after work.  In fact, I think I am going to spank her everyday throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

And for no other reason than because I am the Master and I am feeling sadistic.

Additional:  Ok, that went WELL indeed!  I was about two strokes into it before I was HARD.  Each time she would day that she could only take about 10 more, she would push herself to take another ten... then another ten...  By the time we were through, her bottom was nice and read and she had tears in her eyes.

She was a very good girl.

I am going to spank her again tomorrow after work.
TFE Diva

New Member With A Question

I see that I'm the first post here in quite a while & I'm just curious as to whether any of you were interested in starting the discussion again.  I'm a female who loves to be spanked and has practically since birth, lol.  I'm going to stop there because I don't want to go into a long post if all I'm doing is talking to myself, but I figured, why not?

Two Fisted Flogging

I am trying to teach myself Florentine flogging.  If there is anyone who knows of a good web site or tutorial please let me know... I could use it! 

I have the YouTube Six Point Flogging video by Masterfiremaam, but could use any other help one might be able to offer. 



Aching for a chat

I am an utter spanko, completely obsessed and I'd dearly love to have someone to talk to or play with... maybe someone willing to be an online dom or at least play at it occasionally.

I'm 22, British and female. Anyone game for some spanking chat?